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EXCITING NEWS!! We' re thrilled to announce the addition of a second kitchen, enhancing our culinary capabilities to bring you even more delicious flavours and new dishes. Join us at The Hare and Hounds pub.

Our food is thoughfully prepared with love, care and attention, ensuring a flavourful and enjoyable dining experience. 

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A meal is the whole experience of getting together and sharing with friends. 


KIN LEN ‘snack’ ish’

Kaogeab | prawn crackers | sweet chilli | gf | 3.95

Fluffy Clouds | rice crackers | satay sauce | vg | peanuts| gf | 4.50

Not Too Boring Fries | thai laab spices | shallots | gf | not vg | 4.95

SUM RUB ‘to share’

Roti Curry Sauce | flat bread | homemade curry sauce | vg | 5.50

Bao Tofu | vg | peanuts | 6.50

bao buns, panko tofu, crispy shallots, vegs, satay sauce & chilli oil

Kao Pod Samsee | vg | gf | 6.75

corn, chili, courgette fritters, kaffir lime, spring onion & sweet chili

GyoZa | vg | 6.95

vegetable gyoza, crispy garlic, chili oil & soya vinaigrette dip

Gai Tord | gf | 7.50

southern style thai fried chicken, herbs, crispy shallot & sweet chili

Moo Grob Klook Prik Pao| gf | 8.95

crispy pork belly, fresh chillies & hot chilli oil dressing

Pla Nua | gf | 12.50

grilled striploin, lemongrass, herbs, cucumber, red onion, mint & thai spicy dressing

GUB KHAO ‘big bowls’

Super Green | gf | vg | 12.50

green curry, tofu, mixed vegs, kaffir lime leaves & steamed jasmine rice

Kanom Jin | gf | vegan is also available 13.50

red curry, chicken thighs, rice noodles, beansprouts, green bean & pickled cabbage Hotter Than….| peanuts | 13.50

spicy tom yum soup, minced pork, crispy pork, gyozas, rice noodles, vegs, crispy garlic & peanuts

Krapao Moogrob |gf| 13.95

spicy stir fried crispy pork belly, chillies, garlic, basil, onion, rice & fried egg

Kaosoi Rad Khao 13.95

prawn tempura, kao soi sauce, onion, carrots, chilli oil, steamed rice & crispy rice noodles

Massaman Nua | gf | peanuts |15.50

massaman curry, grilled strip loin, onion, potatoes, carrots, steamed rice, crispy shallots & peanuts

fried egg 1.50

plain roti 2.95

steamed rice 3.50

coconut rice 4

VG - VEGAN GF - GLUTEN FREE if you prefer no “peanuts” added in your meal please let us know. 

Please be advise that our food may have come in contact or contain peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shell fish or fish. Please ask a staff member about the ingredients used in your meal before ordering - thank you

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The Hare and Hounds Pub


To Book Call: 01273 682 839


75 London Road, Brighton,BN1 4JF

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 5-9pm
​​Saturday: 12-3 5-9pm
​Sunday: Closed

Social: namo_x_brighton

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